Complexity. That's where
it all began.


High net worth individuals lead complex lives and with that complexity comes countless, tedious tasks just to manage the day-to-day and try to understand it all.

Maestro was designed to serve high net worth individuals and their families, new entrepreneurs, and owners of complex, closely-held businesses by providing expert, highly specialized, bespoke financial and personalized wealth administration services.

Our founding partners understood from the very beginning that the key to our business would be making the complex simple, so that our clients could make the best decisions with their family, personal wealth, and legacy. 


We have built centers of excellence focused on every aspect of our service suite, so you can rest assured that experts are managing your needs.


With our process-driven and technology-forward approach we plan to change your expectations of the existing family office paradigm.


We earn your trust every day from the effortless onboarding and error-free, customized reporting to delivering valuable insight and advice.

“Thank you so much for your honesty, your sincerity, your focus....I feel safe with you. I respect you enormously and trust you utterly.”

A Maestro Companies Client

Flawless execution Every Step Of The Way

From your first conversation, to your effortless onboarding, to our ongoing meetings, we’re committed to excellence at every step.