Administrative Family Office Services

Maestro Family Office

Maestro simplifies your complex financial affairs, so that you can make the best decisions with your family, personal wealth, and legacy. We customize a collection of services for each of our clients that focuses on managing your daily financial life so you don’t have to. We also offer outsourced accounting and CFO services for our clients with privately-held businesses. By managing both your personal and professional financial lives, we help ensure you have a comprehensive view of your holdings.


No successful business would consider operating without a real-time income statement, cash flow analysis, and balance sheet, so why should your family? Maestro's OneControl delivers consolidated reporting so you can make better decisions.

Cash Management And Analysis​

Acting as your advocate, we coordinate and report all of your banking and cash management needs, including cash flow, forecasting, budgeting, capital needs assessments, and banking services.

Family Payables

We manage and execute all bill payments for your individual family members and entities including timely communication, contract terms review, and historical payment research. We make sure your day-to-day finances are administered not only efficiently without exception, but also customized in accordance with your personal direction and style.

Financial Management Of Personal Properties​

No details of your homes' finances are overlooked. Starting with acquisition, we track and document your cost basis and capital improvements to ensure proper valuations are immediately available. We monitor all expenses, including insurance and property taxes, by residence so you can fully understand the cost of maintaining each of your homes. Renovation and construction projects are our specialty as we work with your contractor and property managers to provide project budget oversight and reporting.

Insurance management

We work directly with your insurance brokers and policy providers to coordinate proposal comparison and review, warrant proper coverage for your assets, assist in policy selection, and process future claims on your behalf. 

Digital Office​

We take care of life's details like processing your mail and important documents so it is digitally available to you wherever you are. Plus, we can virtually store your physical or digital documents with easy retrieval.

Alternative Investment Administration

Because we manage your daily finances in coordination with your professional investment teams and wealth managers, we have direct investment and business performance visibility. This ensures all requirements for pooled, fund, and individual investments are met including proper administration and completion of subscription documents, monthly communications, and timely capital call verification, fulfillment, and reporting.

Household Employee Human Resources

We manage your domestic staff payroll and related compliance, including withholding and year-end tax reporting requirements.  In conjunction with your payroll, we review and administer all employee benefits, including health and retirement plans.  If you are thinking of hiring new staff members, we provide talent acquisition support, personalized employment training including emergency planning, and household employee procedure manuals.

Trusts & Foundations

We help manage your family trust and foundation entities and accounts by providing organizational charts and summaries to ensure proper governance and controls.


A family’s management of its income is directly influenced by its understanding of its assets. More sophisticated alternative investments have created opportunity but made it more difficult to easily and accurately view the overall picture—drawing on multiple advisors with complex coordination. The solution? Maestro OneBalance.

360 Degree Financials

We prepare customized financial statements breaking them down by family, group, property, or entity to showcase both net worth and investment performance. Our data-driven perspective delivers you complete visibility and control.

Family Income And Expense Analysis

Multiple sources of income and expense create a complexity that can be overwhelming. Our unique data collection and reporting process allows you to see it all in a single view.

Personal Asset management & Coordination

Collections are valuable. We design unique inventory reports with complete descriptions, appraisal valuations, and photographs for each insurable or bequeathed personal item in your collection. We manage  your collection register to include original cost basis, hold periods, and annual valuations to keep your catalog current and transparent to you and your tax risk management, estate, and property management advisory teams.

All Asset Oversight

We aggregate your investment and cash accounts, private equity holdings, real-estate and other alternative investments into a single dashboard view giving you a current, complete, and accurate picture of your assets across all your holdings.

Reporting For Your Team

Whether you need reporting for the CFO, a trustee, different family members, or any other stakeholder, we curate the right reporting.

Liability Administration

We facilitate and process payments for loans and other  liabilities, tracking loan maturity  and covenants associated with complex lending. We document and record intra-family loans, administering and documenting at arms-length to preserve family cohesion and protect tax estate compliance.


Trust and discretion are the pillars of the ideal advisor relationship, built over years and often generations. Advisors—from your trust attorneys to your accountants—require access to accurate data, must understand your short- and long-range intentions, and need to communicate often and well. This is where Tax Support and Advisory comes in. We understand the role of the Advisor, and facilitate family data flows to them so that they can deliver higher quality advice and action to you.

Goal Driven Financial Plans

Every client engagement starts with a discussion regarding goals. Whether family generational planning, philanthropy, buy/lease decisions and/or re-investment and serial entrepreneurship, our team is organized to sweat the little details, so you don’t have to.

Coordination With Your Team Of Advisors​

When the need arises for quick coordination with your advisors, we manage the secure transfer of information to ensure a full picture of your complex financial data is available to the entire team.

Tax Planning, Return Preparation, & Tax Controversy

As your tax professional, or a partner to your tax  professionals, we proactively assist in your tax planning strategies—whether estate, investment, or business related, short term or multi-year, domestic or international so that you can maintain the best tax position.

Annual Gift Tracking​

We track your gift and asset transfers to family members, friends and trusts to ensure the maximization and use of annual and lifetime exclusions and provide proper documentation for gift tax return preparation.

Client Cases

Great strategies sometimes require complex implementations. This is where 360 coordination creates exponential value to the family. 

When insights call for a particular action, your Maestro team is ready to step right into the challenge to implement the project to completion. 

Client Case
Helping a Management Company CEO Understand the Economics of Moving from Charter to Jet Purchase
Client Case
Organizing All Financials so that Tax and Estate Impact of Large Donations: Property, Carried Interest, and Company Stocks Placed in DAFs is Understood
Client Case
Reviewing and Managing Investment Structure to Optimize Tax Efficiencies: Qualified Small Business Stock

Outsourced Accounting

for your Business

Many of our clients have complex financial lives including managing privately held businesses. We can help take the pressure off by providing a fully functioning back office for your company. You'll be able to focus on what matters most to your business — creating and driving value for your customers while you leave the financial operations to us.

Outsourced Accounting Services

Maestro experts deliver budgeting, forecasting and modeling of business revenues, expenses, and cash needs — all of the valuable insight, knowledge, and the hands-on experience you require for a fully functioning back office.

Bill Paying and Expense Management

Payroll Services

Accounts Receivable and Invoice Management

Monthly Financial Statements

Tax & Advisory Services

Your tax obligations are complex. Maestro professionals are highly trained and are up-to-date on the latest tax and reporting issues.

Tax Prep and Compliance

Payroll, Sales, Tax, and Property Tax Preparation

Multi-State Income Analysis

Maximize State and Local Tax Credits and Incentives

Tax Controversy Mitigation and Representation before the IRS and State Tax Authorities

1099 Document Prep

CFO Services

Maestro provides experienced, strategic CFO support to your organization. We'll help you manage and achieve growth, optimize financial strategies, and meet your financial goals.

Budgeting, Forecasting, and Financial Modeling

Developing Benchmarks and KPIs

Business Strategy and Fundraising

ERP Selection and Implementation

Mergers and Acquisitions

Audit Preparation, Governance, and Compliance

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